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Decoding Amazon Brand Registry

Amazon Brand Registry empowers brand proprietors by safeguarding their registered trademarks on the platform. It grants them elevated control over their product listings, allowing for comprehensive details, visuals, and videos to be added. Additionally, brand owners gain access to tools for identifying and reporting potential intellectual property violations on Amazon.

Eligibility for Amazon Brand Registry depends on owning a registered trademark, whether text-based or image-based. Enrolled brand owners benefit from various tools, including advanced search capabilities, global brand protection, and predictive automation. These features play a crucial role in maintaining brand integrity on Amazon, reducing the risk of counterfeits or unauthorized sellers.

Expert AmazonBrand Registry Service
in the US!

Trademark Lobby specializes in guiding brand owners through the seamless process of enrolling in Amazon Brand Registry in the United States. With a wealth of expertise in trademark registration, our team ensures your brand gains the essential protection it needs on the Amazon platform. We'll navigate the application process swiftly and efficiently, providing you with the tools and resources to safeguard your trademarks and product listings, granting you greater control and peace of mind in the online marketplace.

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Elevated Brand Protection

Amazon Brand Registry equips brand owners with specialized tools and resources, enabling them to safeguard their registered trademarks effectively.

Heightened Command Over Product Listings

Brand Registry bestows brand owners with authority to enhance their product listings with comprehensive content, encompassing detailed information & high-quality visuals.

Efficient Infringement Reporting and Removal

Brand Registry provides brand owners with access to streamlined procedures for reporting and expunging counterfeit or unauthorized listings.

Amazon Brand Registry in3 Simple Steps

To begin enrolling in Amazon Brand Registry, establish an active Seller Central or Vendor Central account. Ensure that the email or username used aligns with your Brand Registry account for seamless integration. Once you've set up your Brand Services account, the enrollment process is swift and straightforward. Provide the details regarding your brand, selling account, and distribution particulars. This ensures a prompt and efficient enrollment process, solidifying your brand's presence on Amazon.


Brand Information

Submit your brand's name, country of trademark registration, and registration number, and include an image of your product.


Account Particulars

Specify your Seller or Vendor account status and select the product categories most accurately represent your brand's offerings.


Thorough Review & Submission

Indicate if your brand distributes to wholesalers and if you authorize third-party manufacturers to produce products associated with your intellectual property.

Amazon Brand Registry Service

Registering your brand, showcasing your e-commerce business, and selling it on Amazon is a MANDATORY requirement. Amazon Brand Registry is a protection offered by Trademark Protection Plus to assist Amazon sellers in registering their brands on the most significant marketplace.

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Our Most Frequently Asked Questions

Trademark registration provides legal protection exclusive rights and helps prevent others from using similar marks, reducing the risk of confusion in the marketplace.

The duration varies but typically takes several months to a year or more. Factors include the complexity of the mark and potential legal challenges.

Not everything can be trademarked. Marks that are generic, descriptive, or likely to confuse with existing trademarks may be rejected.

The United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) is a federal agency that reviews and approves trademark registrations in the United States.

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